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Preparation for Conversations SERIES Preparation for Conversations

What if God has already given you the skills you need to begin…

Becoming a Conversationalist SERIES Becoming a Conversationalist

What if God has already given you the skills you need to begin…

It's Easier Than You Think SERIES It's Easier Than You Think

What if God has already given you the skills you need to begin…

Conversations Instead of Confrontations SERIES Conversations Instead of Confrontations

What if God has already given you the skills you need to begin…


Conversations That Matter

Don't freak out, it's just a conversation!

Prayer Does It Make Any Difference

There are many questions about prayer, but the greatest of all is does it make any difference?

The Greatest Work

Godly Perspective on Work

The Difference God Makes

It's said that faith can move mountains, but it can actually accomplish much more.

The Great Giveaway

The Great Giveaway

Life on Loan

If your life belongs to someone else and is on loan to you, that changes everything.

Good Citizen Godly Citizen

Can you be a godly citizen and a good one too?

Dancing with the Scars

Forgiveness can be challenging, Total Forgiveness even more so. This four week journey can help us learn to forgive totally while learning h

Good Grief

We all experience grief at one time or another in our lives. How we deal with it makes all the difference in the world and can even make it

The Right Size Church

Churches come in all shapes and sizes for all kinds of pieces, but the right size church always has this in common.

The Story

Discover the true meaning of your story in God's Story.

Come to the Feast

God's Word is a magnificent feast that satisfies the soul if we approach it right.

When What You Seek Is Not What You Find

When What You Seek Is Not What You Find


Proclaim! ACC MIssions Fair

The Story Preview

Discover how our story is found in God's story!

The Gist of Generosity

Generosity changes everything.

All In

All in because Jesus was all in for us. All in because we’re all needed. All in because it all matters.

You Asked For It

We recently asked for Biblical questions and topics you want to hear about. Explore the answers that you want to hear.


On this Memorial Day weekend, we reflect on the meaning of Sacrifice.

Daring Faith

Our future is uncertain. Climate Change. Cultural Change. Political Change. How can we cope in an ever-changing world.

Believing is Seeing

What does seeing people through the eyes of Jesus really mean?

A Real Fish Story

Come on a six week journey of redemption and be encouraged to a new kind of obedience.

Resolution Solution

25 percent of people abandon their New Year's resolutions after one week. Can you keep your resolution?

To the Mountains: A Journey of Ascent

Where does your help come from?


Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be kind of messy.

Hope and a Future

As Christians, we all have Hope and a Future. Why do we have that Hope?Teaser

The Grip of Gratitude

When patience wears thin for what you want, are you grateful for what you have?Teaser

Finding Your Way Back to God

God is closer than you think. Find your way back to Him!


Live out your faith in a Christ-honoring way in a world full of Friction.

Work Is Work

Work is Work

God's Stuff My Stewardship

In this series we will explore what it means to be a good steward of God’s stuff.

Know the Code

Your life was designed to have an impact on this world.

The Paradox of Patriotism

Are you a Christian American or an American Christian?

Bring it Home!

Welcome to the ball park!

Go Into All the World...

Go Into All the World...

There's No Testimony Without a Test

There’s No Testimony Without a Test

Do This in Remembrance

What is Communion and why do we practice each week?

The Principle of the Path

Do you learn by wisdom or consequences?

Words with Friends

This series will help each of us in our quest to control our tongue.

The Word is Out

The Word is Out


Life often creates more questions than it answers. Fortunately God has answers.

40rty Days in the Word

By the end of the forth days our goal will be to help you...Love the Word of God like you've never loved it before.

Begin with the End in Mind

Create Christ Followers who Create Christ Followers

New Year Intro

Transition with us from Christmas to 2015

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

We want to look at what is really important during the Christmas season and help you have yourself a merry little Christmas.

God On Mute

Debunking the myths about the silence of God

Spiritual Fruit is Better Than Religious Nuts

The followers of Jesus have been known to be a little different compared to the "norm" of the world.

What's the Big Deal?

The church is one of the few organizations in the world that exists primarily for those who are not yet a part of it.

Faithful to the Finish!

In the Christian life it is not how you start that matters - it is how you finish.

Compassion Sunday

We have the opportunity to make a very real and tangible difference to children in desperate need.


No one can live forever, but anyone can create a legacy that stands the test of time. Make your mark on the world —become an Outlaster.

Growing Pains

Growth always brings change. This series seeks to explore the implications of growth and discover ways a healthy church experiences growth.

Armor of God

Prepare your spiritual armor for battle

The Jesus Way To Pray

At the request of His disciples, Jesus provided a sample prayer that has become known as the Lord's Prayer. In this series we discover that Jesus was providing…

Reframe Your Life

You can't often choose what happens to you, but you can choose how you frame those events.

Majoring in the Minors

A Study Through the Minor Prophets